Helping Those Struggling With Addiction to Find the Best Recovery Centers for Their Needs

Rehab-Finder.Org is dedicated to helping you or someone you love heal from addiction in the most comfortable and effective environment. When it comes to finding the right services for your addiction, we believe a holistic approach is best.

We get to know you or your loved one's unique situation, including lifestyle, environment, physical health, and the possibility of coexisting conditions, and tailor our search to your needs. Along with those more practical concerns, we consider what makes your case special: What motivates you to seek treatment? What strengths will help you beat addiction? What positive changes are on the horizon?

We're here for you and your loved ones.

No-Cost Assistance

Our counselors will help you identify the best clinic for your needs completely free of charge. Our service includes connecting you with a representative from your insurance company to find out how much of your recovery costs might be covered.

Individualized Attention and Placement

We have years of experience working with the top rehab centers in the country, and we know the specifics of their programs. After learning more about your unique situation, we'll help you locate the facility best designed for your recovery.

Find Qualified Dual Diagnosis Centers

Not all Dual Diagnosis treatment centers are created equal. Rehab-Finder.Org understands the special requirements of those struggling with coexisting conditions, and knows which organizations are most qualified to make an impact.

Your Partner Throughout the Rehabilitation Process

It is our pleasure to act as a go-between for you, your insurance company, and the best rehabilitation centers in the nation: all at no cost to you. We will ensure that your individual circumstances are understood and addressed by the most qualified professionals.

Consider us your partner throughout the rehabilitation process, including that crucial period of time after your treatment is concluded and you're re-integrating yourself back into the world.

Find the Best Treatment Center at the Most Reasonable Price

There's no reason that locating and then paying for the services of a rehabilitation clinic should be difficult. Many insurance companies will cover the cost of your recovery entirely! Simply call us today or click on the link below to fill out our user-friendly verification form.

The Rehab-Finder.Org mission is simple: help as many people as we can from any and all walks of life find the help they need to beat their addictions. No one should have to battle the demons of substance abuse by themselves. It is our fervent desire to find a suitable treatment center for every client where they can heal and move forward with their lives.

We provide hope for those who wish to lead a sober life. The most qualified treatment available is only a phone call away for you or someone you love.

We're Here to Help

Locate Top Treatment Centers

Rehab-Finder.Org strives to find rehab centers that cater to your needs, not the other way around.

Help Navigating Insurance Regulations

Qualified counselors coordinate with your insurance provider to determine what (if any) out-of-pocket costs you'll incur.

Travel Accommodations

It is our pleasure to help you arrange for any travel needs your treatment might require. You have enough on your plate; let us make the reservations.

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